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Sathya 26 February 2021 Written Update: Why is Sathya happy?

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February 25, 2021

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In the previous episode of Sathya, Veerasingham advises Anitha to get hit by and an autorickshaw and meet with an accident. Anitha shuns Veerasingham. Vignesh tells him that he must complete the portrait in order to prove that he accepts Sathya as his wife. Indhumathi watches as Prabhu names the child in the portrait as Kutty Rowdy Baby and decides to start a new life with Sathya.

Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya,

Indhumathi watches as Prabhu talks to the family portrait. Prabhu later sings a song recollecting the times he spent with Sathya. Indhumathi goes to the puja room and is grateful to God for bringing the change in Prabhu. Later, Selvi and everyone in the family are shocked as Saravana walks into the house dressed in saffron clothes as an ascetic. When Sadashivam’s wife question Saravana about his change, he tells her that he had a calling. But Sarvana stares at Selvi.

Indhumathi walks into the hospital with a box of sweets. When Sathya’s friends ask her for the reason of her happiness, she refuses to tell them. Indhumtahi offers the sweets to Sathya and tells her that Prabhu is ready to accept her. But Sathya brushes it off saying Prabhu will only accept her as his friend. But Indhumathi tells Sathya that Prabhu has completed drawing the family portrait. Sathya’s joy knows no boundaries on hearing Indhumathi’s statement. Indhumathi advises her to asks Prabhu about it when he visits her, but Sathya refuses to do so.

Sarvana approaches Selvi as she cooks in the kitchen. He explains to her why he decided to become an ascetic and expresses his love to her, but Selvi stands speechless. Selvi takes the ‘kumkum’ offered by Saravana and applies on her forehead. Sarvana assumes that soon Selvi will fall for him.

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