Sathya 03 June Written Update: Prabhu’s idea to help Sashi impress Selvi

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In the previous episode of Sathya, Saravana dances as Selvi reaches the guest house. Selvi warns Saravana against talking ill about Sashi. To Saravana’s surprise, Sathya and Sashi reach the guesthouse too. Sathya asks Selvi to teach Saravana a lesson.

In this episode of Sathya,  Selvi rages with fury as Sathya instigates her against Saravana. She takes a rod and heads furiously towards Saravana as he rushes upstairs. Sashi follows Selvi, but Sathya stops him. Sathya switches on the TV and watches a movie as Selvi continues to thrash Saravana. After some time, Selvi comes downstairs. Sashi brings an injured Saravana before Sathya. Saravana reveals that there is no video footage. This infuriates Selvi. On Sathya’s advice, Selvi hits the rod on Saravana’s mouth.

Sathya readies Selvi for her nuptial night with Sashi.  Selvi tells Sathya that after whatever happened, she has no regrets about whatever happened with Saravana. When Sathya addresses Sashi as ‘Kula Bhootham’, Selvi tells her she can call him that in her absence. Meanwhile, Sashi asks Prabhu for ideas to impress Selvi on the nuptial night. Prabhu and Sashi have a friendly banter. Prabhu offers to write a poem for Selvi. Sashi recollects an incident from the past and doubts Prabhu’s poetry writing skills. He asks Prabhu to write a sample poetry to test him.

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