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Salman Khan Undertakes A Heartwarming Initiative for the COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 26, 2021

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Amidst a grim COVID-19 situation in India, actor Salman Khan extends a warm helping hand for COVID-19 warriors.

India is currently fighting a tough war against the deadly infection of the coronavirus. With innumerable citizens testing positive and many succumbing to death, the nation is going through grim times. Amidst the intensity of the saddening COVID-19 situation in the country, popular Bollywood superstar Salman Khan chose to lend his help to people who are facing a tough time.

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India is going through an extremely horrifying time as the nation’s citizens battle the widespread disease of COVID-19. While numerous citizens are being diagnosed with coronavirus, several of them areSalman even failing to make it out alive. There are countless frontline workers who are endlessly working towards nursing the COVID-19 patients back to proper health.

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These healthcare professionals are endlessly putting all of their energy into their patients. And recently superstar Salman Khan decided to extend a warm helping hand towards such people. Salman Khan stepped forward to provide essentials such as food to the hardworking COVID-19 warriors. He joined hands with a team of many, who prepared and packaged parcels of food and other essential items such as water bottles and more.

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A social worker that Salman Khan partnered on this initiative with, stated that along with Salman Khan, he is working to distributing the food and essentials packets to all the brave frontline forces at this time of need. He further stated that it was their own way of conveying their respect, support and gratefulness for the hard work the healthcare and frontline workers are putting in every day.

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