Rakesh Tikait On Farmers’ Protests, Greta Thunberg And His Political Ambitions

Displaying an oblivious  attitude towards the global attention received by the farmers’ movement, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait said that the matter is between the Indian government and the farmers and should remain so

As the farmers’ protests entered its 82nd day today, Bharat Kisan Union (BKU) National Spokesperson Rakesh Tikait spoke exclusively to a channel about the recently acquired global tone of the revolution, his community’s equation with the centre and his lack of political ambitions.

Explaining the logic behind extending the ongoing protests right till 2 October, he said that the cycle of harvesting takes place in such a way that the supporters of the agitation can only come to the protest sites in phases, once they finish harvesting their crops.

Denying reading any tweets by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg or R&B singer Rihanna, Tikait said that the matter is between the centre and the farmers and should remain so. On being asked if he knows who the global personalities tweeting in his support are, he labeled Thunberg as the girl who grows trees while he was aware of Rihanna’s profession.

Speaking about the recent arrest of the Republic Day alleged perpetrators including 21-year-old Disha Ravi and Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, the BKU leader said that he is a part of a revolution by the common man for the common man. He did not give any clear answers about the police zeroing in on several people involved in the tractor parade violence.

Talking about Jat politics, which seems to have gained momentum after Tikait’s involvement and rising to the top as the face of the movement, he maintained that he is a farm leader and not a political leader. Calling politics a big disease that one should stay away from, he confirmed on record that he will not be contesting elections anytime in the future. He further rubbished claims that he is using the Mahapanchayat platforms to showcase his power, especially in western Uttar Pradesh which is a massive stronghold of the Jats.

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