Radhamma Kuthuru: Here’s why we think Shruthi’s plan will fail again

Shruti is now planning to kill Purandari, but we suspect her plans might not work this time, here’s why!

The popular Telugu TV show Radhamma Kuthuru, starring Deepthi Manne as Akshara and Gokul as Aravind, deals with one of the most interesting characters in the form of Shruti. She has ill intentions and is always up to something new. When Bujamma had just started to warm up to Akshara, she found a way to portray Akshara as irresponsible.

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While she plans on killing Purandari by poisoning the bedridden person’s juice, we do not think she will succeed in her plans this time. One of the major reasons for this is that it isn’t well-thought out. While almost all of Shruti’s plans are well thought out, this was not one of those plans and was an impulsive decision, which leaves room for a lot of mistakes.

As a result of having a last moment plan, it is also executed hastily. She might not remember to clear all the shreds of evidence which will easily lead everyone to her being the killer. Since even most of her well-thought-out plans do not work, we can’t expect her to execute this one correctly since she has hardly any time!

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Another reason is that Aravind and Akshara are on an alert, and are constantly suspecting Shruti. They are even sure about the fact that she is not someone to be trusted and have tried to bring her true colours out in front of everyone, multiple times. All of us know how intelligent Aravind and Akshara are, and we are sure that they won’t take any time to find out who poisoned Purandari.

Poisoning Purandari will only pull her down since speculations of Rajesh returning are around. If she were to do anything fishy once he is back, Bujamma will find her guilty and connect all the dots. We think that it is time she puts an end to her shenanigans because she will only be causing harm to herself, beyond this point.

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