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Raat Baaki Hai: 5 Reasons You Should Stream This Murder Mystery Starring Annup Sonii And Paoli Dam

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April 17, 2021

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There are many aspects of why Raat Baaki Hai stands out from the contemporary thrillers. Here are few reasons why you should not miss out on watching this clever murder mystery tale.

Over the years, melodramas and charming romance stories have become marginalized. And there has been an exponential rise in the popularity of the thriller genre, all thanks to OTT evolution! While the crime dramas have piqued audiences’ interest, the last-minute suspense has become an interesting cinematic element. And following the same, ZEE5 offers a variety of gripping thrillers for the audience. While some are slow-burn dramas, the others are character-driven tales. In a similar instance, ZEE5’s latest release Raat Baaki Hai offers a blend of an intriguing storyline and well-written characters.

While the actors have delivered some remarkable performances, writer Siddharth Mishra has crafted a clever murder mystery in Raat Baaki Hai. Featuring Annup Sonii, Dipannita Sharma, Rahul Dev, and Paoli Dam in the lead, Raat Baaki Hai is undoubtedly a great epitome for modern-age thrillers. From storytelling to characters, there are many aspects of why the film stands out from the contemporary thrillers.

So, here’s taking a look at 6 reasons why you should not miss out on watching Raat Baaki Hai.

Mind-Bending Plot

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Raat Baaki Hai has a well-produced script and the makers have not overlooked it. While many filmmakers consider the story as a secondary aspect, the makers of Raat Baaki Hai have primarily relied on its narrative. And that’s one of the reasons why the film leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Weaving a perfect murder mystery with apt details is quite a task. And writer Siddharth Mishra has pulled it off in style.

The story of Raat Baaki Hai revolves around the murder mystery of renowned actress Vani Chopra. While the twist-laden storyline keeps you hooked till the last frame, we keep finding clues behind the mystery.

Intriguing & Well-Written Characters

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Though Raat Baaki Hai is not a multi-starrer drama, it has some well-written and interesting characters in the spotlight. Rahul Dev’s Ahlawat is a charming cop with a Rajasthani accent who steals the show with his bold personality. There are many interesting shades to his character which come to light amidst crucial plotlines.

On the other hand, we have, Vasuki’s character played by Paoli Dam. She’s the most interesting personality in the film with tons of hidden surprises. Her character graph sees an unexpected surge as the story heads toward the climax. These well-defined characters are the major highlight of the film.

A Villain Worth-Remembering!

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Well, without revealing the most villainous persona of Raat Baaki Hai, we are just gonna say that this devious character will leave you stunned. While we eagerly try to find clues to solve the murder mystery, the culprit is always a step ahead of us. The evil of this modern-age thriller will make up to the list of most unpredictable villains of all time.

As the story nears the climax, the hidden secrets are revealed. And that’s when the villainous persona of the story comes to the spotlight.

Flawless Setting & Imagery

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Unlike many modern thrillers, Raat Baaki Hai has a countryside milieu. Set in Rajasthan, big havelis and royalness are the motifs of the film. However, the setting of the story makes for an interesting and realistic plot. Two showbiz stars Kartik and Vani decide to get married on the royal land of Rajasthan. And chaos ensues as past stories surface the plot.

Most of the story takes place in the night and it perfectly blends with the film’s dramatic effect. While the realistic storyline is worth appreciating, the visuals too add a much-needed touch to the film’s thrilling side.

An Unexpected Climax

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Most importantly, we eagerly wait for a conclusive climax. Being restless to get an answer behind the mystery, the makers treat the viewers with an unexpected climax. While many thrillers have unnecessary action sequences nearing the end, Raat Baaki Hai peacefully concludes with great twists. Vani’s murder mystery gets solved but there’s more to this mysterious plot.

All of it builds up in a breathtaking climax and you’ll definitely love it.

Raat Baaki Hai is now streaming on ZEE5.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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