Qurbaan Hua Written Update 31 October 2020: Chahat Saves Neel’s Life

In the recent episode of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat saves Neel’s life as he stumbles upon a wire. Yamna steals Chahat’s id card. To know what happens next on Qurbaan Hua, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Vyas Ji is all praises for the decor in the house. Naveli interrupts him and informs him that Naveli has done everything. Chahat tells Neel that she doesn’t have the time to study for her tests. More so, she informs him that she has done the decoration in the house. Neel gives her the book and requests her to sit in one corner of the house and study. A happy Chahat rushes to go and study. Soon, a fake person enters their house to be a part of the festivities.

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Vyas Ji informs the family to begin with the prayers. However, he has a condition. He requests Yamna, the fake person, to first perform some rituals. When he asks him to get the Katha Granth, Mamaji informs that it’s with Chahat. Neel, who is listening to the conversation, informs everyone that he will pray without reading the verses in the book. Neel begins with the prayers for Navratri and leaves everyone surprised, specially Mamiji. When Vyas Ji asks Neel about it, he says he has been learning it since childhood. Vyas Ji also informs everyone that one day, Neel will make everyone proud. When everyone looks around for Chahat, Neel backs her and tells everyone that she will stay far and record the entire event. Chahat quickly switches on the camera and begins with her studies.

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A small mishap takes place when Neel performs the rituals. He, unknowingly, steps on a wire, leaving Chahat startled. She rushes to save his life and also lashes out at him for being irresponsible. Soon, a mysterious lady calls up Yamna and asks him to steal Chahat’s id card and all her essentials that are necessary for tests. She also asks him to light a fire in the house, so when the police arrive, the entire blame will be on Chahat. Soon, the entire family starts playing a game, in which Mamiji is the first one to start with. Soon, Yamna steals everything and begins with the prayers. Chahat, on the other hand, is shocked to learn that Naveli did not wash the clothes before she put them on Kripa’s body.

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