Qurbaan Hua Written Update 30 October 2020: Chahat Gifts Her Father A Smart Watch

Neel and Chahat visit the latter’s Mamaji and father. It gets happier when Chahat gifts a smartwatch to her father. To know what happens next on Qurbaan Hua, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

In the latest episode of Qurbaan Hua, Neel and Chahat talk to Babubhaiya. He lashes out at Neel and asks him to submit the form for Chahat as it was always her Mamaji’s dream to study. However, Chahat informs Babubhaiya that his childhood friend has already activated her form. Babubhaiya asks Chahat to work hard and pass in the tests. Interestingly, Neel also gets her books and compliments her. Neel wonders where the parcel has disappeared in the house. He informs Chahat that he has ordered clothes for her, but they are missing in the house. Later, while tearing the cello-tape, Chahat gets hurt. Soon, Neel and she share a warm moment as he helps her soothe her wound.

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In the latter part of the episode, Chahat asks Neel to think about the people who are mesmerised with the on-going fashion trends in the house. Chahat feels the clothes belong to Naveli. When Neel questions Naveli about it, she gets startled. Soon, Mami walks in and informs everyone that Naveli’s father has brought the pair of shorts of her. However, Neel doesn’t believe her. Mami looks at the cloth and tries to divert everyone’s attention from it. After this, Mama informs them about the other parcel and Chahat gets her saree.

Neel and Chahat go to visit her Mamaji and father, along with their child. Chahat informs Mamaji to take care of his health as he’s no more that young. She requests him to no take any further stress. Neel’s Mami lashes out at Naveli for being irresponsible. Chahat, on the other hand, asks her father to show her his hand and gifts him a smartwatch. With this, he can keep a count on his steps. She makes him understand the features of the watch and asks him to use it on a regular basis.

When Neel and Chahat reach home, the duo indulges in a fun moment, whilst the latter is studying. Neel keeps the fan in front of her, and with this, her hair tresses fly in the hair. Neel adores her while studying. Meanwhile, Vyas Ji, Mami and Naveli are on a full-fledged spree to trap Chahat so that she fails in her test.

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