Qurbaan Hua: Is Chahat Making Neel Subconsciously Fall In Love With Her? These Instances Say So!

Will Chahat’s quirky ideas and generous heart make Neel subconsciously fall in love with her? Know more here.

Neel and Chahat‘s marriage may be fake, but there are small instances where Neel’s attraction towards Chahat feels real. Chahat never fails to impress Neel and his family with her quirky ideas and generous heart. However, is she subconsciously making Neel fall in love with her? When will Neel realise his true feelings for Chahat? And how will Chahat react to it? Here are certain instances where Neel is drawn towards the goodness of Chahat but later pretends not to care. Read ahead to know more.

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Chahat sacrifices non-veg food for Vyaasji

Chahat is ecstatic seeing the entire buffet of non-veg food. She says that she missed non-veg food. Neel jumps in and tells her that he was wondering how she managed to stay without it at his place. Later, he asks her if she wants to eat it. Just as Chahat is about to take a bite, she stops and tells Neel that it is not right. Neel asks her what’s wrong with that. She tells him that she is Vyaasji’s daughter now and doesn’t wish to upset him. Later, Chahat tells them to distribute the food among the poor. Neel is so impressed by Chahat’s thought that he gives her a candlestand as an award for Ideal fake-daughter-in-law.

Chahat tries to make Kripa laugh 

After a terrible incident at home, Chahat dances in front of Kripa. Neel questions Chahat about her dance after such a terrible incident. Chahat tells Neel that even though children don’t understand their language they get an intuition when something is wrong. So she begins to dance with Neel. He refuses at first but later joins in. Neel gets lost in Chahat’s eyes and they both share an intimate moment.

Neel and Chahat’s romantic moment with the chips packet

Neel finds Chahat expressing her sorrows to her Ammi. Later, he enters the room with a chips packet and tries to convince Chahat to eat it. But she refuses by saying she is not in the mood. Later, Neel feeds it to her and she laughs. As he watches Chahat eat, he recalls all the memories they had and is in awe of Chahat.

Chahat tapes her mouth

Neel teases Chahat about the shorts she wore earlier. She gets angry. Later, she tapes her mouth and tells Neel that she doesn’t want to give her opinion. Neel takes the tape off and that hurts Chahat. Later, he feels bad and caresses her face. However, Neel stays staring at her.

Bhupender teases Neel about Chahat

Bhupender notices Chahat out of the house and asks Neel what’s wrong. Neel takes the sleeping bag from his hand and tells him that Chahat will stay out of the house. Later, Bhupender tells him that is it not right to torture Chahat like that. Neel tells him that he is doing this to expose the culprit. Bhupender teases Neel that he is in love with Chahat and tells him to shut his eyes and asks who he sees first. Neel sees Chahat and is confused about it.

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