Qurbaan Hua: 7 Reasons Why Vyasji Should Not Trust Aalekh

Vyasji’s most trusted man Aalekh is pure evil. He has an ulterior motive for everything he does. However, poor Vyasji is always left in the dark. Here are 7 reasons why Vyasji should not trust Aalekh because of his evil motives.

Qurbaan Hua has now taken a massive turn in its storyline. With its upcoming twists and turns, the audience is in for a great surprise. However, if there’s one thing the audience would like to do, it would be to warn Vyasji about Aalekh’s evil intentions. Vyasji has put his entire trust on Aalekh (Nishad Vaidya) without knowing that his main motive is to destroy the family. Here are 7 instances where Aalekh has crossed the line with his evil motives and left Vyasji completely in the dark. Take a look at the list below.

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1. Aalekh tries to kill Chahat 

When Chahat learns that Naveli will be meeting her boyfriend, she quickly rushes to follow her. On the other hand, Neel is worried about Chahat and looks for her everywhere. Chahat reaches the spot dressed as Naveli. However, she is surprised to see that no one is around. Later, Aalekh sees Chahat and strangulates her from the back. Neel reaches just in time and saves Chahat from Aalekh.

2. Aalekh hurts Vyasji’s daughter Saraswati 

When Saraswati finds Aalekh and Naveli in a compromising position, she confronts him. Saraswati slaps him and tells him that she will reveal the truth to Vyasji. Aalekh locks her in a room. However, she manages to run from him. Just as she was about to inform Neel about it, Aalekh pushes her down the stairs. A pregnant Saraswati cries out in pain.

3. Aalekh has an extra-marital affair with Naveli 

Vyasji’s most trusted Aalekh has been playing games behind his back. He has a secret affair with Naveli. However, Chahat notices something wrong and questions the two of them. Godamvari sees this and jumps in to save the two. Godamvari creates a scene so that Chahat’s doesn’t doubt them anymore. Naveli promises to take revenge from Chahat.

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4. Aalekh threatens to kill Naveli 

Naveli reaches the spot to meet Aalekh. However, he is so furious with her that he strangulates Naveli. He tells her that because of a silly mistake, they would almost get caught. Aalekh warns Naveli that she must do as he says. If not, he will do the same to Naveli what he did to Saraswati. Naveli gets frightened of Aalekh.

5. Aalekh’s evil motive to marry Chahat

After the family gets to know about Neel’s condition, they are devastated. However, Aalekh is happy and devises a plan. The next day he tells Vyasji that he would not mind marrying Chahat. He uses Kripa as an excuse and says that it is for the love of Kripa. Vyasji is left completely speechless. He points out that Kripa has already accepted Chahat as her mother. However, Aalekh has an ulterior motive to do so.

6. Aalekh calls Neel an imposter

Amidst the wedding ceremony of Aalekh and Chahat, a wounded man appears at the house. Aalekh who feels threatened, calls him an imposter when in fact it is Neel. Vyasji is torn in two as everyone thought Neel was dead. Aalekh continues to instigate the family against Neel. However, Vyasji stops him and says that he believes that man is his son Neel.

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7. Aalekh tries to expose Chahat 

When Aalekh realises that Chahat is capable of exposing him, he finds new ways to save himself. He bribes the peon and tells him to get all possible details of Neel’s girlfriend Chahat. However, the peon’s answer stuns him. He tells Aalekh that the girl whom he studied with was Meera. Aalekh then embarks on the journey to uncover Chahat’s true identity so that he can expose her in front of Vyasji.

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