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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Here’s Why Lakshmi Should Be More Open To Thatha

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May 20, 2021

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Lakshmi’s lack of communication with Thatha is causing some troubles between the two. Here’s why her opening up to him could be great for the duo.

Fans of Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal just love the show’s characters and each one of them is lovable in their own ways. While the mother & daughter-in-law duo is setting a bar with their relationship, it is Thatha that we find most detached from everything happening around them. Thatha is of the generation that believes in values more than anything and it shows. He chooses to remain away from celebrations, smiles rarely but he sure loves his family. In the recent episode, we saw Lakshmi get paranoid after seeing Thatha’s call after she and Pavithra visited Harikrishnan’s restaurant as per his request.

Check out what’s happening in Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal:

Lakshmi has lived her whole adulthood as an ideal wife. Catering to her husband and Thatha, she has always found purpose in feeding them and cleaning the household. However, now she has begun to see that there are things more than just household chores for a woman. Thanks to Pavithra, Lakshmi is loosening herself a bit for the first time in her life and she is enjoying it. But, neither she nor we have thought about how these little changes would affect Thatha.

Lakshmi and Pavithra in Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
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Although stubborn and old fashioned, Thatha is a loving person. He is all heart behind his ideals, and we saw this as he accepted Pavithra with open arms. Pavithra is a modern woman who wants her mother-in-law to be happy in every way possible, and this also seems to be liked by Thatha. However, he is clearly not fond of Lakshmi’s new acquaintance Harikrishnan and thus, some problems are bound to arise between them.

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Recently, we saw Lakshmi run into trouble as Thatha is informed that she was seen at Harikrishnan’s restaurant after telling him that she was going to the market. Now, Lakshmi didn’t lie to him when she told him that she was heading to the market, but the fact that she didn’t say that she had come to visit Harikrishnan when he called was an issue. Even if he couldn’t understand the reason, the information could have helped her avoid the allegation of lying. Instead, she gave the phone to Pavithra and she told Thatha that they would be back soon before cutting the call.

Thatha in Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
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Actions like these are sure to raise suspicion and thus Lakshmi should consider the option of opening up to Thatha instead of living in fear. Let’s not forget the fact that Thatha is to an extent open for change. We saw this on Lakshmi’s birthday as he brought her a gift for the first time in years. Thatha, who despised such celebrations before that simply surprised Lakshmi with the gift. Now, it is clear that he was being considerate of her. The action was proof that Thatha loves her a lot and we think that Lakshmi should reciprocate this by opening up to him. Lakshmi being honest about her thoughts and feelings would not only help avoid further problems between them but also help them get closer to each other.

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