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Pookalam Varavayi: What would be the repercussions after Parvathy accepts the maid’s duty?

Shrudi Shyam

March 19, 2021

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Once Parvathy takes up the maid’s duty, Sharmila and Saudamini would make her life hell. How will this affect the Putthanveed family and how will they deal with it?

The Putthanveed family has been one of the most loving families on Zee Keralam. No wonder not only the sweet Harshan but the arrogant Abhimanyu also loves and respects Parvathy and Yatheendran like their own parents. In the recent episodes of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Parvathy and Yatheendran shift to Kalapurackal on Abhimanyu’s request. While Samyuktha and Saptathi were overjoyed with this decision, the same can’t be said about Saudamini and Sharmila. Now that the Putthanveed family is staying in Kalapurackal, the evil duo will stop at nothing to humiliate them.

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Lately, we saw how Harshan had talked about getting a maid for the house so that a pregnant Saptathi can get some rest. This idea of his backfired when the maid asked for Rs 25,000 as her salary for only cleaning and cooking. Parvathy who comes from a humble background saw this as a waste of money and stepped in while taking the responsibility of managing all the chores by herself. We already think it’s a bad idea and believe that Sharmila and Saudamini will definitely use it to their benefit.

Parvathy and Saptathi
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While we already felt something was fishy about the whole maid situation, Sharmila confesses about orchestrating the whole situation. She clearly mentioned that she did it to demean Parvathy and so that she can humiliate her every single day. And that’s exactly what is going to happen now. Neither Sharmila nor her accomplice Saudamini would leave even one single chance to insult Parvathy and get her out of Kalapurackal.

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It’s not just us who feel that Parvathy shouldn’t have taken such a decision. Even Saptathi and Harshan were spotted requesting her to go back on her decision. Despite knowing about Sharmila, Saudamini, and their evil intentions, Parvathi still decides to do the job. Although we understand the love she has for her daughters and their husbands, this decision will only worsen the current situation.

Saptathi, Harshan and Parvathy
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The fact that Sharmila ended up getting the ring that Abhimanyu planned to gift Samyuktha, tells us a lot about Saudamini and Sharmila. This evil duo can go to any lengths to get what they want. At first, they created a whole ruckus around the ring and now they’re planning to hide it and blame it on Parvathy. This would not only humiliate the poor woman but also break her self-respect. It’s not just Parvathy and Yatheendra who would be affected by this. In fact, it’s going to affect everyone. The fact that Samyuktha and Saptathi’s mother is blamed for stealing Abhimanyu and Harshan’s mother’s ring, will surely create a rift between the couples.

Saudamini and Sharmila
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What’s left to see is how both the couples deal with this tricky situation. Will their relations get strained forever? Or will Samyuktha and Abhimanyu find a middle ground and sort it out, before the whole Putthanveed family’s reputation is tarnished?

To know what happens further, watch Pookalam Varavayi on ZEE5.

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