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Playfully Hitting Ellen DeGeneres in Wacky Moment, Leah Remini Accuses Her of “Acting Interested.”


October 6, 2021

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Leah Remini’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres took an unexpected turn when the actress questioned the host’s comments, leading to a humorous but unpleasant physical altercation

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, the 51-year-old King of Queens star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she got into the Halloween mood by telling Ellen that it’s “natural for a parent to scare the crap out of their kids.” Sofia Pagan, Leah and Angelo Pagan’s 17-year-old daughter, is a senior in high school.

During the relatively lengthy story, Leah exhibited a photo of a mask she and Angelo had chosen in an attempt to scare Sofia, despite the fact that the teen appeared to be difficult to scare. Leah went on to say that she once had her aide hide in the car of the star’s dance instructor.

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“One of my teachers was there, and I had my assistant dress up in my pigtails…,” Leah said before suddenly cutting the anecdote short, Leah apparently didn’t know how to read Ellen’s face and went on to tell the host, “No, because you’re acting really interested. So, like, I don’t know if you’re doing that thing where you’re, like, into my story, so that…”

A startled Ellen replied, “I’m always interested!” This led Leah to enthusiastically respond, “You’re not, Ellen! Stop.” Both actors were smiling but didn’t appear to be fooling around at this point, with Ellen asking earnestly,  “What do you mean, I’m acting interested?” Then Leah leaned over in her chair and smacked Ellen on the arm, jokingly but with some force.

Leah was able to land two whacks before Ellen drew her arm away, causing her to miss the third try. “Ow! It’s my last season,” Ellen shared. At this point, the Old School actress made it clear it was all love between them, an awkward moment notwithstanding. “I love you, I miss you and I’m so happy to be here on your last season,” Leah said. “But anyway, thank you for having me.”

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