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NCB Officer Sameer Wankhede Releases An Official Statement Revealing The Real Reason Behind Visiting Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat


October 21, 2021

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The NCB officials had ‘visited’ Shah Rukh Khan’s prestigious home in Bandra Mannat. For the ones awaiting an official record, here’s a statement from officer Sameer Wankhede

Shah Rukh Khan once again had a tough time around the clock as the NCB officials had raided his home in Bandra Mannat. This news popped eyes of alot and the ones awaiting an official reply from the official, here’s all the news you need to know about the same.

Today on 21st October, a team of NCB Mumbai Zonal Unit Officials visited Mannat, the residence of Shri Aryan Khan in connection with Cr 94/21 for seeking certain material related to the investigation of the case from Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, F/o Aryan Khan by following due procedure of notice etc. It wasn’t a raid as erroneously reported in certain sections/channels of media.

Sameer Wankhede, IRS

Zonal Director


This was released by Sameer Wankhede and he has made it very clear that it was ‘just a visit’ for official record to get some more information related to Aryan Khan’s case. When this news broke, netizens shared that NCB are using Aryan’s case as a reason to visit Mannat and some supported the NCB giving them a pat on the back.

The latest update on the Aryan Khan drug case is that Aryan will be under custody for another few days until October 30. As soon as this decision was given by the Mumbai court, lawyers moved courts and the next bail plea hearing is on October 26. Fans are praying eagerly for the truth to come out and justice to win.

Speaking of progress, Ananya Panday’s name had come out in Aryan Khan’s case and her home in Mumbai was raided by the officials. However, an official statement was made by the NCB Official that just because she was called for questioning, it doesn’t mean she was accused. Ananya Panday’s phone and laptop have been seized for further investigation and information.

While this move was lauded by alot of people, netizens even gave alot of flak for this saying that everyone is only trying to frame the big names unnecessarily. Even Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is getting constant air in every incident or update on the Aryan Khan case.

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Aryan Khan has been in jail since October 8 and was denied bail yesterday by a court that said his WhatsApp chat revealed his involvement in “illicit drug activities”.

Though Aryan Khan’s lawyers argued that nothing was found on him, the court said six grams of charas was hidden in his friend Arbaaz Merchant’s shoe, and it seemed Aryan Khan knew about it, so “it can be said that it was in conscious possession of both the accused”.

The special court said WhatsApp chats prima facie reveals accused Aryan Khan is dealing in illicit drug activities for narcotic substances on regular basis.

It also said the chats revealed a nexus of the Accused no 1 (Aryan Khan) with suppliers and peddlers.

Evidence on record shows the accused are part of a larger network. Since the accused are part of the conspiracy, each of them is liable for the entire quantity of drugs seized. And that the case of each accused can’t be segregated from each other and can’t be considered in isolation.

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