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Naseeruddin Shah Opens Up On Irrfan Khan’s Death; Says He could See Death Approaching


December 6, 2021

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Naseeruddin Shah spoke about his discussion with Irrfan Khan, who passed away recently. He claimed that Irrfan had informed him that death was nearing the actor. In several films, Naseeruddin Shah collaborated with the late Irrfan Khan

Prior to Irrfan Khan’s death in April 2020, bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah recounted a discussion he had with the late actor. He said in a recent interview that Irrfan Khan knew for nearly two years that it was actually happening. Irrfan Khan and Naseeruddin Shah have collaborated on various films, notably Maqbool (2003) and 7 Khoon Maaf (2011). After a lengthy fight with cancer, Irrfan died last year at the age of 53.

Naseeruddin Shah addressed Irrfan Khan’s death in an interaction with a leading daily. That was one-of-a-kind situation since Irrfan had known for almost two years that this would happen. According to the veteran actor, he talked to him on the phone multiple times, even while he was in a London hospital. It was incredible, and the way he handled it was a true lesson.

He’d claim he’s seeing death approach him, and how many individuals get the chance to do so. Being able to see the grim reaper approaching oneself and people practically expecting it. It was, without a doubt, a devastating defeat. It was not, however, in anyone’s control. It was just the shutting down of one’s bodily mechanism. It is beyond one’s ability to control.

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He believes that obsessing on death is unhealthy. That is something he does not do. He has lost numerous close relatives, including his family and parents. Also, several great friends died in shocking ways, especially the unforeseen individuals, the way Om Puri passed, the manner Farooq Shaikh died. But obsessing over it won’t help. He believes that death is the least significant aspect of life, yet it is also the most inescapable. He doesn’t think about it much. He’ll leave when he needs to. He wants to stay as aware and alive as possible for as long as he is here. He doesn’t want his companions to be mourning the actor’s death, but rather celebrating, joking, and chatting about the achievements he accomplished. Naseeruddin Shah would rather that people recall him for the life he led rather than the manner in which he died.

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