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Naagini’s Deepika Das Will Win Your Heart With Her Love For Furry Paws

Parinika Uchil

June 25, 2020

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She is bubbly and charming, but is also overly-obsessed with her furballs, be it kitties or doggos.

Deepika Das has a special love for dogs and cats. A die-hard animal lover, this actress from Zee Kannada’s hit TV serial Naagini loves her furry pets above all.

Arjun and Amrutha are released from the clutches of Shatrughna in this episode:

Pets are the best things that have happened to us as humans and I am sure you would agree that they are full of loyalty, love and respect! These little bundles of joy make such a big difference in our lives, just by being there.

Research has indicated that pets are the reason for reducing half of our stress. While dogs never fail to show you their gratitude and love, kitties have their own adorable attitude towards their owners. Unlike their feline counterparts, dogs are the most loyal animals as pets or otherwise. If you too are a paw lover like Deepika, here are a few things you will relate to.


Even if you try to hide it, you know deep down that your furry friend is the boss of the house. Everything happens around them. Plans for going out are cancelled because of them and most of the times it’s only because you don’t want to leave them behind.

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What’s on your plate

Have you ever noticed this? When you give them dinner and are eating yours simultaneously, they constantly stare to see what’s on your plate. Sometimes, they rather have your food than theirs. Annoying but extremely adorable!

Bundles of abundant love

Right from their shedding hair to their drools, a doggo will let you know they love you by smothering you all over. Similarly, with cats, their hoomans are their first mate. From snuggling to ginormous hugs, these furballs will keep you warm at night.

When they smell other animals on you…oops!

Dogs are very possessive about their owners because the latter is equal to the alpha of a dog pack. You as a human would love to mingle with other’s pets or animals. But hell will be unleashed when you meet your own pet because they can smell every bit of the other animal on you. Cats, however, are not so concerned with its hooman interacting with other animals. Guess they aren’t the jealous type eh!

If you ever come across an opportunity to meet some of these fur balls, show them some love like Deepika Das.

Are the above instances relatable to you and your pet? What do you like about your doggo or kitty the best? Awaiting your interesting comments in the space below.

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