Monday Motivation: Didi No. 1 Host Rachna Banerjee’s reminder is all you need to make it through the week

These words from the wise and sophisticated presenter from the popular reality show Didi No. 1 will help you rock the boat in life!

One of the many reasons that actor Rachna Banerjee, who hosts the popular Zee Bangla reality gameshow Didi No. 1, is such a great presenter, is that she is charismatic and an utterly wise woman of the world! This is why she is so easy to talk to, and so many people, such as the guests on her show, can open up to her for a heart-to-heart conversation about life. Recently, she shared an important piece of wisdom on her social media page, along with some gorgeous photos of herself.

Watch an episode from Didi No. 1 below:

Check out Rachna Banerjee’s post right here:

While Rachna Banerjee looks rather pretty in the lovely red dress that she is wearing in the photos, it is the caption accompanying the pictures that you really need to sit up and take note of. “Be proud of who you are… You are free, you are powerful, you are good, you have value, you have a purpose…,” it reads. No wonder Rachna Banerjee is such a confident and self-actualised  person! She knows exactly what it means to live one’s happiest and best life, and the mindset that it requires.

Rachna Banerjee
Source: ZEE5

The affirmations that Rachna Banerjee states here, are incredibly important, and when you remind yourself these tenets, you are guaranteed to feel empowered and uplifted. Most of the time, our lives reflect what we have in our minds, and when one realises that, it makes it all the easier to practise! Self love is the key to success and happiness, and we need to treat ourselves with kindness and respect in order to extend the same to our loved ones. Make sure that you engage in wholesome and positive self talk– this is of utmost importance. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend, and the rest will follow. Take control of your life, and live it up with confidence and a strong belief in yourself, just like Rachna Banerjee.

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