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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 14 October Written Update: Shanaya Receives Another Job Offer

Neel Raju Nalawade

October 13, 2020

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In the latest episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Radhika decides to retire from Radhika Masale and hand over her position to someone else. She also says that from now on every important decision will be taken by the person who she is going to declare as her successor. Everyone present is very curious to know Radhika’s replacement. On the other hand, Gurunath and Maya are devastated after knowing that Radhika Masale won’t be merging with SB Group of Companies. While Radhika is giving her speech, Gurunath intervenes and asks her announce the name of her successor quickly.

Watch the premiere episode here:

What adds more fuel to the fire and shocks Gurunath and Maya is when Radhika declares Shanaya as her replacement in the company. Everyone present at the meeting, including Saumitra and other staff members of Radhika Masale, are totally shocked to hear Radhika’s decision. Soon, a red carpet rolls out and Shanaya walks over it, shocked, surprised, and confused. Just when everything seems to be going fine, Saumitra receives an update about Shanaya’s radio jockey application over a call.

The person tells Saumitra that Shanaya has been selected for the position and she can join from the very next day. Saumitra is totally confused and doesn’t know how to convey this news to Shanaya, who is obliged to take on all the responsibilities of Radhika Masale. Meanwhile, Gurunath and Maya feel devastated, but they decide that no matter what they will continue their battle against Radhika and her company.

What ploys will Gurunath and Maya now play against Shanaya and Radhika? Stay tuned and find out by watching the premiere episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko before it is telecast on TV with the ZEE5 Club Pack at just Re 1/day.

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