Many Countries Re-Impose Lockdown Due To Rising Number Of COVID-19 Cases

Government authorities in many nations decide to re-impose lockdown after noticing a spike in Coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus cases across the globe have been increasing every day. As a result, several Latin America and Asian countries have decided to reimpose lockdown in order to curb the spike. The cities that have undergone lockdown once again include Melbourne in Australia, Leicester in the UK, Beijing in China, Patna in India, and Catalonia in Spain. Authorities in these countries claim that this is the only way to bring the virus under control.

To reduce the adverse effect of COVID-19 virus on the economy, many nations had earlier decided to re-open local businesses while following necessary safety measures like social distancing, wearing a mask but the rising number of cases have forced the authorities to re-impose stricter lockdown and avoid the second wave of COVID-19 virus.

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