Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray Warns People To Wear Masks Or Be Ready For Another Lockdown

The CM has also enforced partial lockdowns and night curfews in some districts where the cases are rising.

With the rising COVID-19 cases once again in parts of Maharashtra, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has given the citizens an 8-day ultimatum to wear masks and curb this rise, if not, he will enforce a full lockdown on the state. All government meetings, protests, religious meetings, political tours are not going to be allowed from 22 February. He also announced a 7-day long partial lockdown in Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Washim and Yavatmal and night curfew in Pune as well from the 22nd.

The CM reportedly said that it was necessary for some restrictions to be imposed once again on the state as this could be a cause of concern. Earlier last year, Mumbai reported the highest number of Covid-19 cases for many months together and the city was in lockdown as well. To avoid a repeat of the past year, these measures are said to be put in place. He gave the citizens a day’s time to not cause panic and to prepare them for the lockdown days ahead.

Watch the CM’s address here.

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He also stressed the wearing of masks to delay or cancel a lockdown as well.

Take a look at his ultimatum:

The cases have risen and this has become evident. A fortnight ago, the cases in Maharashtra were around 2000 but on 21st February, the cases crossed the 6000 mark to reach 6,971 cases! The CM also pointed out that it will be a whole year in the first week of March since the first patient of coronavirus was detected in Maharashtra.

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