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‘Madhagaja’ is out to convince the world of film making that mimicking old films does not fulfil the composer’s vision

Shristi Jindal

November 28, 2021

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Ravi Basrur gets into the skin of composition for a completely new tune for ‘Madhagaja’, which is gearing for a December 2rd release starring Sriimurali

The underlying story, of the upcoming Kannada film ‘Madhagaja’, starring Sriimurali, who will be playing an undercover cop going into the big bad world, a place ruled by a don, where his safety may be compromised, will be an action drama which will never be compromised in its composition by the famous Ravi Basrur.

Ravi Basrur who had composed songs for the Sriimurali-starrer in ‘Ugramm’, is now all set to fulfill the dreams of the Kannada fans with another twist and flavour, as the hits of the previous had been a magnum hit, and the fans will now not compromise on the flavour that they have so loved in ‘Ugramm’. Fans now await the magic to unveil between the actor and the composer. Ravi has new voices which he has introduced in the soundtrack, as he strongly believes that there is a big pool of talent who wait for an opportunity to hone their skills and shine. This paves the way, for yet another mesmerizing soundtrack, we believe.

When asked about how he plans to deliver yet another super hit as expectations are high amongst the viewers, Ravi’s simple answer came in a quiet manner. He said, ‘I believe that one must close your ears while working and then close your mouth once you deliver,’ which we rightly think would be the only apt way to deliver beyond what people expect.

Each film has its own expectations, but when a magical duo gets together, fans start the comparison between the former and the latter films, and that is the thin line that worries each filmmaker, actor composer, or whoever is in the technical team. This is the very reason why each film is handled with a different approach. Mimicking old films never fulfills any composer’s dream, and the very essence of filmmaking gets ruined.

Therefore, as the film ‘Madhagaja’ gears for a December 3rd release in theatres, with a star cast comprising of Ashika Ranganath opposite Sriimurali with Jagapathi Babu and Chikkanna, under the direction of S Mahesh Kumar, it will be a real treat to the eyes to watch the film and enjoy the composition by Ravi Basrur.

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