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Khasma Nu Khani 24 November 2021 Written Update: Purab goes missing


November 24, 2021

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Will Desho be able to trace Purab before it is too late and hold Armaan accountable? To know what happens next on Khasma Nu Khani, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Momo talks about side-lining Purab from Desho and Ranveer Duggal’s life and leaves him baffled. Armaan calls Purab and tells him about not being able to visit him and expresses his sadness about Purab’s departure. Armaan denies Minnie a chance to speak with Purab and Ranveer Duggal tells Momo about his plan to let Purab stay with them. Momo retorts badly and leaves Purab hurt and Ranveer Duggal tries to pacify Purab. Later, Simple arrives at Desho’s new house and expresses her wish to take Purab back with him to Momo. At the behest of Momo, Purab agrees to go with Simple to Armaan’s house.

In the next episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Simple urges Minnie to take care of Purab and win over Armaan and asks her to prepare a meal for Purab. Simple goes on to confront Armaan about his sorrow despite Purab’s arrival and shows him the photo frame with his blood smeared on it. She claims to have come to terms with his unreal obsession with Desho and urges him to mend his ways. Purab calls Desho and promises to return to her soon. Soon enough, Armaan joins Purab and his wives at the dining table and the latter fusses about the food prepared by Minnie. Armaan orders a pizza for Purab and the latter sleeps beside Minnie for the night. The duo tug on the blanket for most part of the night and Purab gets cranky. Armaan confronts Simple about her short-sightedness for bringing Purab home without having the experience of taking care of him.

Ranveer Duggal surprises Desho with a dinner date on the terrace and Purab arrives at Desho’s house in the middle of the night. He overhears Ranveer Duggal speaking about Purab being safe and sound with Armaan while Desho considers calling Purab up. Armaan shows up in Minnie’s room and questions her about Purab’s disappearance. Well along, Desho spots Purab’s bag as she tries to call Purab while Simple accuses Minnie about being irresponsible. Armaan scolds his wives as they fight with each other and warns to oust them if he fails to find Purab. Desho calls Armaan and tries to act normal but Desho reprimands him for being careless about Purab. Armaan tries to downplay Purab’s disappearance and leaves Desho feeling hopeless. What will happen next?

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