Khasma Nu Khani 15 October 2021 Written Update: Devika tries to woo Ranveer Duggal

Will Armaan and Devika come up with a plan B to hamper Desho’s marital life with Ranveer Duggal? To know what happens next on Khasma Nu Khani, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


October 19, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the previous episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho goes on to tell Mrs Duggal that she wishes to quit working at the Duggal Food Chains in a bid to rid herself off of Armaan’s constant interference. However, Mrs Duggal tries to talk her out of her decision. Elsewhere, Minnie prepares special food for Armaan and Simple as Simple tells Armaan about the ‘jagrata’. Armaan decides to pay the Duggals a visit despite not receiving an invitation from Desho. Ranveer Duggal shows up at the function and Momo urges the couple to welcome guests. Armaan and Simple show up and upset Ranveer Duggal at the ‘jagrata’. Desho and Armaan have an uncomfortable exchange as the former questions him about his visit. Mrs Duggal questions Desho about her woes and the latter downplays her feelings.

In the next episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Momo and Mrs Duggal sense Armaan’s malice and wish to oust him along with his wife. Armaan tells Devika that he wishes to talk to her in secrecy and meets her in her room. He tells Devika to woo Ranveer Duggal before it is too late and Devika tells Armaan about Desho’s decision to quit working at the Duggal Food Chain. Devika asks Armaan to keep Desho from getting close to Ranveer Duggal if he wishes for her to trap Ranveer Duggal. Well along, Armaan stands in Desho’s way and tries to engage her in a strange conversation. In the interim, Ranveer Duggal notices Desho speaking with Armaan and misunderstands them. Desho walks up to Ranveer Duggal and tries to clarify her stand before Ranveer Duggal but the latter refuses to entertain her.

A distressed Desho leaves a letter on Ranveer Duggal’s bed and asks him to read it while telling him that she is willing to accept any decision after he reads the letter. Armaan signals Devika to walk up to Ranveer Duggal’s room and spend time with him. Devika walks into Ranveer Duggal’s room and plants her phone camera in his room. She goes on to hold Ranveer Duggal in an embrace and force himself on him. Armaan spills juice on Desho’s clothes as she goes to have a check on Ranveer Duggal. Devika’s plan to woo Ranveer Duggal falls flat and cries before Armaan. Well along, Armaan vows to support Devika and help her retain her job. He tells Devika that he would make sure that she lays hands on the money that she rightfully deserves. What will happen next?

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