Kerala HC Sends Notice To Virat Kohli And Tamannaah Bhatia Over Gambling Row

Virat Kohli, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Aju Varghese recently received notices from Kerala High Court as they have been endorsing online gambling. Here are the details.

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is amongst the celebrities who recently received a notice from the Kerala High Court, acting on a plea filed by a man named Pauly Vadakkan. Bollywood actor Tamannaah Bhatia and Malayalam actor Aju Varghese also received notices as they have been a part of the endorsement campaign. The petitioner claimed that many people had been losing money because of online gambling and hence wanted the court to ban these gambling and rummy apps altogether. These celebrities gave people the notion that they had been using these gambling apps themselves, which increased the user base of the applications, trapping people in debts and other money-related issues.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the notices sent to Virat Kohli, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Anju Varghese:

Virat Kohli and Tamannaah Bhatia are popular faces who had been actively endorsing the app MPL which has reportedly been putting people in gambling addiction. According to the video attached above, a man named Pauly Vadakkan filed a plea at the Kerala High court against the celebrities endorsing these applications as he believed these celebs played an important role in tempting people to use such gambling apps. The bench was headed by Chief Justice Manikumar, who also sent a notice to the state government of Kerala to ban online gambling in the state.

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The petitioner was of the stance that this application mainly targets low-income groups and also gives them the false hope to make money even though chances are marginal. He said that there have been many reported cases and something must be done to curb the situation as soon as possible. The case of the 28-year-old was also highlighted while seeking strict action, where the young man had died by suicide, reportedly due to the burden of debts. The man from Thiruvananthapuram was in a debt of ₹21 lakhs which he was unable to repay. The petitioner also dragged the celebrities as they gave a false illusion that there are high chances of making good money through the app.

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