Karva Chauth Playlist: Musical Romance Between Chahat And Neel That Will Warm Your Heart

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, here are 10 romantic moments between Chahat and Neel.

Karva Chauth is celebrated by married Indian women who maintain a fast for the long and healthy life of their husbands. This also intensifies the bond the husband and the wife. On the occasion of Karva Chauth, here are 10 romantic moments between Chahat and Neel that will warm your heart.

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1. Bolna Mahi Bolna

In this episode, Chahat is asked to complete the ritual, but she panics. Godamvari and Naveli reach there and ask her if she knows what to do. Just then Neel comes her to rescue. He helps her complete the ritual and they share an intimate moment. Chahat is in awe and she watches Neel help her as the song Bolna Mahi Bolna plays in the background.

2. Aayat Ki Tarah

In this episode, Neel throws Chahat out of the house as a punishment for interfering in Naveli’s life. Just then it begins to snow and Chahat is all alone. Neel sees that Chahat is shivering but can’t help her since Godamvari and Naveli are present there. So he devises a plan. He takes the photo frame, breaks it and burns it. Later, he tells Chahat in anger that he had got it for Naveli’s wedding. However, this was only to keep Chahat warm during the night. Neel watches her as she sleeps and the song Aayat Ki Tarah plays in the background.

3. Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai

Chahat reaches the spot to expose Naveli’s boyfriend. However, Aalekh attacks her and tells them that he thought it was Naveli. Neel apologises to him for the misunderstanding. On their way home, the song Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai plays on the radio and the duo share an intimate moment. Chahat asks Neel how did he know she was in danger. Neel informs her that he had a dream about it and was worried about her. Chahat recalls the times Neel saved her in the past.

4. Mere Hona Aahista

In this episode, Chahat has to complete the ‘Tuladaan’ ritual. Neel explains the ritual to Chahat. Neel and Chahat begin to quarrel. Chahat goes to hit him however, she trips and falls into his arms. As the song Mere Hona Aahista plays in the background, they both stare into each other’s eyes and share an intimate moment.

5. Saaya Mera Hai Teri Shakal

In this episode, Vyaasji tells Chahat to wear a saree for the family photo. However, Chahat does not know how to drape a saree. So she asks Naveli to help. Meanwhile, she closes her eyes because of the kajal. Neel enters the room and Chahat mistakes him for Naveli and tells him to help her with the saree. While Neel drapes the saree for Chahat, the song intensifies their romance.

6.  Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu

In this episode, Chahat thanks Neel for his idea. However, he takes her hand and they take ‘pheras’ and exchange some vows of their own as the devotional song Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu plays in the background.

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