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Kangana Ranaut Takes A Dig At Joe Biden, Calls Him “Little Pet Of China”

Tanvi Dhote

February 21, 2021

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Kangana Ranaut has taken a major dig at U.S. President Joe Biden in her latest string of tweets. She has condemned Biden on his views about the Chinese government.

Kangana Ranaut has spoken up against U.S. President Joe Biden’s latest speech. In her tweets, Kangana has deemed President Biden as China’s ambassador. Biden’s speech has also gone viral on social media and has been garnering mixed opinions from everywhere. Read on to know more Kangana Ranaut’s latest tweets about U.S. President Joe Biden.

Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the latest President and Vice President of the United States of America. Since their presidency began, their new policies and decisions have been making headlines. But one of President Biden’s recent speeches has gone viral on social media. President Biden is being condemned for supporting the Chinese government.

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Recently, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut took a dig at U.S. President Joe Biden in her tweets and reacted to his now viral speech. In her first tweet, Kangana called Joe Biden “Pappu pro”. In her second tweet about Joe Biden’s speech, Kangana Ranaut wrote that President Biden is a “tail wagging, submissive, meek little pet of China”. She also deemed the U.S. President as China’s Ambassador. Kangana Ranaut concluded this tweet by saying China is world’s biggest power because America served it to them on a platter. Take a look at Kangana Ranaut’s tweet here.

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Furthermore, Kangana Ranaut in her next tweet said that a leader should be “ferocious, roaring, raging voice”. She told her fans that India should learn a lesson from America. She added that a generation of confused, foggy disoriented youth sold their nation to China. In her last tweet regarding this issue, Kangana Ranaut said that the biggest threat to our nation at this moment are its “confused, disoriented, foggy youth who claim to be librus”. Ranaut further wrote, when a nation compromises on its Dharma, it becomes easier for other big dominant forces to manipulate and further capture it. Take a look at Kangana Ranaut’s tweet here.

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