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Kangana Ranaut, Diljit Dosanjh Fight Over Rihanna And Farmers’ Protest; Watch Video

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February 9, 2021

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Take a look at Kangana and Diljit’s tweets and a couple of other celebs including Rihanna who took a stand for some issues in India!

Post international singer Rihanna’s viral tweet about the Punjab Farmers’ protest, the MEA cited foreign interference in internal matters of the country. Actors like Ajay Devgn tweeted about the same and urged fans to not get involved in “international propaganda.” But a war of words has erupted between Kangana Ranaut and Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh. This is not the first time they are at each other’s throats on Twitter, but when the singer released a song on Rihanna, Kangana had to tweet about it. This comes because Diljit is a strong supporter of the movement and has been spotted at many rallies and protests over the last couple of weeks.

Take a look at Ajay Devgn’s tweet:

Take a look at Rihanna’s tweet:

Here is what Kangana replied:

She even made a meme of sorts, comparing herself with Rihanna. Take a look:


When Diljit Dosanjh made the announcement of the song, Kangana took to Twitter to call it all planned and implied that Diljit is merely banking on the trend to earn “2 rupees.”

And then Diljit hit back in Hindi-Punjabi and the war went on till late at night.

After a while, the Punjabi singer told her he would stop responding to her now as all she did was name-call him. Diljit is not the only one that Kangana has targeted in recent times. Taapsee Pannu is another celebrity who was attacked by Kangana. This happened when Taapsee indirectly commented on Rihanna’s tweet. Kangana replied to Taapsee and called her a B-grade actor who makes b-grade films.

Here is what Taapsee Pannu tweeted:

She even talked badly about singer Rihanna again in her tweets.

After Greta Thunberg, Rihanna, and Mia Khalifa talked about the protest, the Indian government’s Ministry of External affairs put out a statement saying that it was unfortunate to see western troops trying to enforce their agenda on these protests. The government pushed the hashtag #Indiatogether and #Indiaagainstpropaganda and these hashtags were used by many ministers as well as cricketers and actors of Bollywood.

Rihanna took India by storm by commenting on a sensitive issue in India, but she is not the first one to do so. Leonardo Di Caprio highlighted the 2019 water crisis in Chennai by posting a picture about a well and an elaborate caption. When New Delhi’s pollution level had reached dangerously high numbers, citizens took to the streets to gain the attention of the Government. Leonardo also posted about this on his social media.

Emma Watson extended her support to the female lawyer Deepika Singh Rawat when she chose to fight the Kathua rape case that made national headlines. Meryl Streep, a Hollywood legend, also tweeted about “India’s daughter”, a documentary on the Nirbhaya rape case that was banned in the country after a controversy. Other actors like Meghan Markle, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts among others have done a lot for the country’s sensitive issues.

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