Kaay Ghadla Tya Ratri: After Getting Caught In The Act, Here Are Some Escape Plans That Rajan Parvate Can Devise

Yet again, Rajan Parvate has got under the radar of Revati after new evidence linking him with Siddhant’s friends Kuldeep and Ajay came to the forefront.

Over the years, television has conditioned us with swoon-worthy daily soaps mostly revolving around love stories or family dramas. But the rise of OTT brought a new wave of content, making us realize that there’s far more to the stories we have been watching over television so far. We were introduced to a variety of adrenaline-pumping shows including crime and psychological thrillers. And following the new wave, Zee Marathi’s Kaay Ghadla Tya Ratri has restored our interest in television.

The show is crafted with an essence of a whodunnit which makes it more interesting and a great watch. Revolving around the death mystery of a TV actor, this investigative drama has explored some essential themes and has kept the viewers hooked to their screens with new and interesting revelations in the case. With the recent happenings in the show, the investigation has paced up a bit with new findings by ACP Revati Borkar.

Once again Rajan Parvate has got under the radar of Revati after new evidence linking him with Siddhant’s friends Kuldeep and Ajay, came to the surface. So, here’s taking a look at how he can weave plans to escape.

The New Agenda

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In one of the recent episodes, Rajan had summoned his party workers to get him all the personal information of Shivani, the journalist. Shivani has been crossing paths with Revati, either by questioning her dignity regarding the case or by misleading people with false news stories. And hence, Rajan is aware that Shivani might be of great help to him.

Even after getting bashed on live TV by Revati Borkar, Shivani is stuck to the values of her unethical journalism. And eventually, Rajan can seek her help to forge new propaganda against the police, especially against Revati Borkar, to indirectly escape from getting caught.

Backfiring With His Connections

A still from Kaay Ghadla Tya Ratri
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Throughout the episodic saga, the show has perfectly captured various themes and yet again can continue to do so. Rajan Parvate is caught in the act with evidence pointing to his link-up with the death case, he can use his connections to create problems for Revati. In the previous episode, he claimed to ruin Revati’s police career, and hence he can take the necessary steps.

Either he will try to spoil her image or will make her superiors summon her with strict notices. Through this subplot, the show can indirectly highlight the white-collar criminals and how they escape with their crime through their connections.

Well, it remains to be seen how Revati lays a proper trap to catch Rajan Parvate red-handed.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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