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Jothe Jotheyali 26 November 2021 Written Update: Harshavardhan’s statement shocks his family


November 26, 2021

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Harshavardhan gets emotional when Aryavardhan skips breakfast and rushes to work and in that state he claims that his property should belong to Aryavardhan as he is a responsible person.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Ramya tries to reason with Anu and rebukes her for not giving Aryavardhan a chance to clarify her misunderstanding. The next day, Aryavardhan visits Subbu’s house and urges Anu to return home with him.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Pushpa offers turmeric and vermilion to Anu before bidding her goodbye. Anu is surprised when Pushpa advises her about how a relationship works and how trust is the most important in any relationship. Anu teases Pushpa when she talks about a modern relationship where couples spend more time on their phones and block each other after every argument. Aryavardhan and Subbu hide and eavesdrop on Anu and Pushpa’s conversation. When Aryavardhan praises Pushpa, Anu teases him by stating that her mother was asking her to fight more often with Aryavardhan and find excuses to visit her house. Subbu teases Pushpa when she blushes on hearing Aryavardhan’s response.

Elsewhere, Jhende comes across a fruit vendor and he leaves the vendor confused when he addresses Apples as Banana and vice versa. In the office, Meera finds Jhende staring at the fruits that he bought. Meera gets confused when Jhende once again addresses the fruits with different names and fails to understand what Jhende is trying to convey through his puzzle.

At Aryavardhan’s house, Harshavardhan and Mansi praise the food prepared by Anu. When Aryavardhan decides to skip breakfast and rush to work, Harshavardhan gets emotional. He confronts Aryavardhan about the same and claims that all the property should belong to Aryavardhan and not him as he is a responsible person. This statement of Harshavardhan leaves Mansi shocked. Aryavardhan tries to cheer Harshavardhan and rushes to work. Mansi mocks Anu by commenting on how Aryavardhan leaves for office without her. Anu tries to give her a befitting reply but Sharada Devi gestures her to not do so and asks her to ignore Mansi’s harsh words.

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