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Jothe Jotheyali 25 November 2021 Written Update: Anu agrees to return home with Aryavardhan


November 26, 2021

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Aryavardhan visits Subbu’s house and tries to pacify a furious Anu, while tending to her wounds, and moved by his words, Anu agrees to return home along with him.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu gets irked when Aryavardhan asks her to drive his car and continues to question her about the events that took place in the mansion which she is unable to recall. Later, a frustrated Anu decides to visit her parents’ house and spend time with them.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, an emotional Anu rushes to the chawl to meet her parents. At the chawl, Anu comes across Ramya, who questions her about the reason behind her being upset. Anu narrates the incidents that took place at the mansion. Ramya tries to reason with Anu by stating that the events may have taken place and she must have blocked its memory. Anu refuses to believe Ramya and states that Aryavardhan and the others are lying to her for some reason. Ramya rebukes Anu for arguing with Aryavardhan and for not giving him the chance to clear their misunderstandings.

Sharada Devi calls Aryavardhan to question him about Anu’s wellbeing. On returning home, Sharada Devi talks to Aryavardhan about how during the ‘haldi’ ceremony, after the application of the turmeric, Anu’s behaviour had changed and how she had walked out of the ritual, claiming to be already married. Aryavardhan and Sharada Devi decide to give Anu some time to calm down and handle the events that took place with a delicate hand and not pressurise Anu to give them clarifications about the same.

Elsewhere, Subbu and Pushpa watch Anu sleep and get worried about her sudden arrival at their house the previous night and how she never told them about the reason behind the same. Pushpa and Subbu are delighted when Aryavardhan arrives at their house and they give the couple some privacy. Aryavardhan tends to Anu’s wound but she stops him from doing so. Aryavardhan tries to pacify a furious Anu and talks about how he loves her a lot and is finding it difficult to stay without her in his house and urges her to return home with him. Moved by Aryavardhan’s words, Anu agrees to return with him and states that she will give Aryavardhan time to talk about Rajanandini. Meanwhile, Sharada Devi warns Mansi and asks her to not talk about the events that took place at the mansion in front of Anu when she returns home.

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