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Jothe Jotheyali 24 November 2022 Written Update: Rajani blames Anu for her plight


November 24, 2022

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When Ratnakar calls off Ramya and Karunakar’s engagement, Rajani blames Anu for it and badmouths her about her relationship with Sanju, leaving Anu upset.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Karunakar’s father, Ratnakar tries to delay the engagement ceremony as he is waiting for a special guest. When Ratnakar sees Sanju and Anu arguing with Jhende, he lashes out at them. Later, everyone is shocked when Ramya calls Ratnakar a fraudster.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aradhana looks at Sanju’s picture and thinks about how he can’t be the person whom she loved, as that person could never ignore her. At the chawl, Karunakar’s father, Ratnakar argues with Subbu and the others. His words anger Ramya and she lashes out at him for being unable to answer her questions. Karunakar tries to handle the situation and he and Rajani request Ramya to apologise to Ratnakar. A furious Ramya refuses to apologise and expresses her anger towards him.

Jhende is shocked when Ramya talks about Ratnakar’s illegal activities that he has done along with Jhende. On hearing this, a furious Ratnakar slaps Karunakar. Rajani is shocked when Ramya calls Ratnakar a fraud and the latter calls off the engagement, leaving everyone shocked. A furious Rajani blames Anu and her family for Ramya’s engagement ceremony being called off. When Sampath supports Anu, a furious Rajani lashes out at him.

Ramya gets angry when a furious Rajani starts to badmouth Anu by calling Sanju her lover and Ramya tries to calm her down. On hearing Rajani’s words, the chawl’s tenants also start to talk about Anu being responsible for Rajani’s plight. Meanwhile, Anu breaks down and blames herself for Rajani’s plight. Sanju tries to reassure Anu, but she refuses to listen and continues to blame herself. Furthermore, Anu goes to Rajani’s house to apologise to her. Rajani lashes out at Anu and asks her to leave the house. Rajani’s harsh words hurt Anu. Later, Anu returns home and checks the message sent by Ramya, in which Ramya has spoken about the real reason behind her agreeing to marriage and his family’s relationship with Jhende. Meanwhile, Sanju wonders about the reason for Jhende addressing him as Arya. Subbu is shocked when Sanju tells him about Jhende being a dangerous person and how he was keeping a watch on the chawl the whole night.

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