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Jothe Jotheyali 15 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Anu leaves Aryavardhan and his family amazed


September 13, 2021

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Anu wears the Rajanandini saree gifted by Sharada Devi and leaves Aryavardhan and his family amazed by her beauty.

In the latest episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu wears the Rajanandini saree given by Sharada Devi. Seeing Anu in the new saree, Sharada Devi, Aryavardhan, Harshavardhan, and Mansi are amazed.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we saw Anu and Aryavardhan seek Sharada Devi’s blessing after the ‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual. Anu leaves everyone surprised when she starts walking in a specific direction when Sharada Devi asks her to visit the temple in their house. Harshavardhan reassures Anu by revealing that during his childhood, the temple was located in the direction where Anu was heading towards.

Sharada Devi guides Anu to the temple, wherein Anu lights the lamps and prays for her family’s wellbeing. Jhende and Harshavardhan tease Aryavardhan and Anu when she feeds him sweets and he refuses to let go of her hand.

We also saw how Sharada Devi gifts Anu a pure silk saree from the Rajanandini brand. An emotional Subbu calls Anu and enquires about her wellbeing. Meanwhile, Jhende teases Aryavardhan when he eagerly waits for Anu’s arrival in his room.

While on the way to her room, Anu comes across Aryavardhan’s secret room and feels a strange connection towards it. Hosmani avoids answering Anu’s questions regarding the secret room. Later, Anu is surprised when one of her bangles rolls over and stops outside the locked secret room and she is unable to stop herself from wondering about who the room belongs to.

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