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Jodi Hakki: Why Janaki And Rama’s Love Story Is A Must-Watch Even Today


July 7, 2020

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In the time of Coronavirus quarantine, watch Jodi Hakki and witness the beautiful love story between Rama and Janaki.

Jodi Hakki, which basically means a ‘pair of lovebirds’ stars Chaithra Rao as Janaki and Thandav Ram as Rama, whose love story begins, post their marriage. The story revolves around a pahelwan (Rama), who lives like a brahmachari but ends up marrying a smart school teacher Janaki who then goes on to become an IAS officer. This is the perfect love story wherein Janaki and Rama are the ultimate #couplegoals.

Here’s why!

The two from completely different backgrounds. While Rama is uneducated, Janaki is a teacher who loves interacting with children and educating them. Not only is she smart, but is also determined to do something with all the knowledge that she possesses. Her husband Rama is under confident and very well aware of how smart his wife his. At every step, he supports her and takes a lot of pride when Janaki becomes an IAS officer. He is shy and timid in nature while Janaki comes across as playful and naughty. She uses every opportunity to play pranks on him and is all about the laughs when it comes to Rama’s embarrassing moments. Innocent Rama, too, never takes any offense.

A Flirty Still Of Rama And Janaki
A still of Janaki and Rama (Source: ZEE5)

One of the most important qualities that the two of them possess is the ability to bring the best out of each other. Janaki’s determination in her own life indirectly inspires Rama to follow suit with regard to his life. Rama is always sensitive about everyone’s happiness around him while Janaki makes sure to protect her family as well as her husband. Janaki also plays a key role in helping Rama take decisions with regard to his career and also helps him overcome certain obstacles. The kind of love and friendship that they share is what makes their love story one of a kind. Rama and Janaki always play equal roles in overcoming hurdles like the ones thrown at them by Nandini. And this is what makes them the ultimate couple on the block!

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