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Jodi Hakki: Here’s How Rama Breaks All The Stereotypes Surrounding Husbands


April 23, 2020

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Rama is an ideal life partner to Janaki for many reasons. Check out all the details inside!

Jodi Hakki which means a ‘pair of lovebirds’ is a story of two people – Rama who is a pahelwan but lives like a brahmachari and a school teacher Janaki, who then goes on to become an IAS officer. In spite of being from different backgrounds, the two end up getting married and throughout the show, we see how Rama supports Janaki with every decision she makes. Here’s why he is an ideal life partner to her.


Rama is under confident and very well aware of how smart his wife his. At every step, he supports her and takes a lot of pride when Janaki becomes an IAS officer.  


More than a husband, Rama is a true friend to Janaki. The two are always able to tell each other if they are going through some sort of hardship and also share each other’s happiness. We also see Janaki playing pranks on the innocent Rama which he takes in a sporting manner.

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Rama is honest with Janaki. On multiple occasions, he has expressed his concerns with regard to her dreams of becoming an IAS officer but has supported her regardless of them.


One of the most important reasons why Rama makes for an ideal partner is because of his loyalty towards Janaki. He is madly in love with her and also respects her for what she is.


We all know that Rama has always respected Janaki for being so well-read, smart and kind to everyone including him. He has also shown her his support and encouraged her in making her own decisions with regard to her life. These qualities of Rama is what makes him the ideal husband that he is.

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