Jaanbaaz review: Bonny Sengupta and Koushani Mukherjee’s heartwarming romance makes it a must-watch

The Bonny-Koushani starrer Jaanbaaz is a brilliant package of crime, action, love, kindness, revenge, humour and much more. Have you watched it yet?

The world television premiere of the 2019 film Jaanbaaz recently took place on ZEE5. Hailing from the crime-drama genre, the film is a complete package of some intense action and heartwarming romance, directed by Bengali film producer and director Anup Sengupta. Jaanbaaz follows the story of a kind-hearted gangster and an undercover cop and the events that take place when their worlds collide.

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Jaanbaaz stars popular actors Bonny Sengupta and Koushani Mukherjee in the lead roles of Bikram/Jeet and Priya. The much-loved on-screen couple is once again seen cast opposite each other and kill it when it comes to their soft romance in the film. A few other notable roles are played by Tota Roy Choudhury and Sudip Mukherjee, a brave cop and a powerful coal mafia, respectively. We also see Kanchana Moitra, Biswajit Chakraborty, Diganta Bagchi, and Shankar Chakraborty playing supporting roles while Kanchan Mullick and Pinky Banerjee serve us with adorable humour all throughout.

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In the film, Bikram (played by Bonny Sengupta) is a gangster with the kindest heart, who works with a giant coal mafia. Based in Dhanbad, Shankar Singh is one of the fiercest of goons who has many men working under him, with Bikram being one of his favourites and most efficient. Bikram’s life takes a huge turn when he meets Priya and becomes his bodyguard. He changes his original identity and introduces himself as Jeet to everyone in this new journey of life. Although Bikram leaves the livelihood of a gangster, guards Priya, and takes up a garage job in Kolkata, he finds himself in the middle of one of Shankar Singh’s messes soon.

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What entails is a huge load of twists and turns as Bikram discovers an older connection to Priya from his coal mafia days when she informs him about her posting as a police officer. The film follows the encounters between Bikram and Shankar Singh through a range of flashbacks and present-day fight sequences. As the story progresses, we see Bikram and Priya growing closer due to their kindness and bravery. However, the story also unveils some of the darkest truths that could risk Bikram’s growing relationship and romance with the courageous Priya.

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Jaanbaaz is a captivating film that engages its audience with an endless series of unexpected twists in the tale. Largely consisting of action sequences, the film also presents itself with some beautiful acts of kindness, lighthearted humour, and a touch of heavenly romance. We see Bonny and Koushani paired opposite each other in a much-appreciated romantic bond which fans always cherish a lot. Sudip Mukherjee kills in his role as a fierce gangster while Tota inspires with his flawlessness as a brave police officer. The actors do immense justice to their characters and the entire story, making Jaanbaaz a must-watch for you all!

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