Iniya Iru Malargal: Ranbir Can Easily Tell Pragya What’s On His Mind, Here’s Why

Ranbir from Iniya Iru Malargal might shy away from telling Pragya his feelings, but here’s why there is no need for it!

As Iniya Iru Malargal‘s Ranbir comes to terms with his feelings for Prachi, he finally tries to tell Pragya that he intends to marry her daughter. However, before he can finish the sentence, he gets nervous and stops mid-way. We have all known and loved Pragya because of how simple and approachable she is, and here’s why Ranbir shouldn’t hesitate.

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Pragya is the sweetest person ever

If you can’t be confident in front of Pragya, then you certainly cannot be confident in from of anyone, because she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Pragya makes sure that people are always comfortable around her, and Ranbir is no exception. He has nothing to fear, even if he wants to ask Prachi’s hand in marriage.

Pragya is sensible and supportive

Pragya is reasonable when it comes to the matters of life, she makes sure that she approaches everything with a calm hand so she can handle the situation in the best way. This means that she will be patient enough to listen to everything that Ranbir has to say without jumping to conclusions. Moreover, she is also there for people no matter what, and will do her best to make Ranbir feel comfortable with whatever he feels.

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Ranbir will have to tell her at some point

If Ranbir is serious about Prachi, and really wants to marry her, he will have to break it to Pragya at some point. Wouldn’t it be much better if he did it rather sooner than later. We are sure that Pragya will give them her blessings, and in the worst case scenario that she thinks it is not a good idea, she will come around for her daughter.

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