India Calls Out Pakistan on Its Stand Over Prolonged Human Rights Violations at UNHRC

Pawankumar Badhe, the First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, called out Pakistan and demanded that its mysterious hypocrisy on its human rights violation be immediately looked into by the UNHRC.

The nation of Pakistan has now been called out by India for the constant and noticeable violation of human rights that have been taking place in the former country. Pawankumar Badhe, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of India to UN, read out loud and clear, the straightforward and sensible response of the Indian nation to the incessant misuse of UNHRC by Pakistan.

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On March 15, 2021, Pawankumar Badhe, First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of India to UN, spoke of India’s statement and reply to the continuous wrongful usage of the United Nations Human Rights Council by Pakistan. He specified that he was exercising India’s right of reply in response to the incessant misuse of this Council by Pakistan for its fallacious & malicious propaganda against India. Calling Pakistan out on their uninterrupted hypocrisy on human rights, Pawankumar Badhe insisted that the Council needed to pay immediate attention to Pakistan’s deplorable human rights records.

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He mentioned that this had been highlighted by various SRs and Civil Society Organizations too. Pawankumar Badhe added that Pakistan’s discriminatory treatment of its ethnic and religious minorities be looked into as urgently as possible as well. He further added that since the year 2000, almost tens of thousands of people are known to have simply disappeared from Balochistan, according to certain victim groups. The families of such people have been known to be struggling for their voices to be heard on the matter ever since too.

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With the passage of time and Pakistan’s increased mysteriousness with these disappearances, Balochistan has started being called the ‘land of disappeared’. Pawankumar added that it was high time that Pakistan, which continues to export terrorism, and its officials were held accountable for their state-sponsored & supported the grave violation of human rights of its people. He said the failed state of Pakistan needs to stop preaching and focus on its mere responsibility towards the millions suffering in the country.

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