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How Are Taish’s Kuli, Pali, And Jassi Similar To Peaky Blinders’ Shelby Brothers? Find Out Below

Tanvi Dhote

November 9, 2020

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Taish’s Kuli, Pali, and Jassi are three brothers who belong to a criminal Punjabi family. These three brothers bear quite a few similarities with the Shelby brothers. Their similarities are more than meets the eye.

Kuljinder, Pali, and Jassi are three brothers whose bonds are constantly tested during tough times. This trio from ZEE5’s Taish love each other to pieces but also fight for the sake of power. But this Taish sibling trio is similar in many ways to the Shelby brothers from Peaky Blinders. Here’s how.

The crime family connection

As well all know Kuljinder, Pali, and Jassi form one of the most notorious crime families in Southall. Nobody messes with them and knows how loyalty is important to all three brothers. Just like nobody messes with the Shelby’s. This Irish-Roma crime family rules Birmingham and even British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is well-aware about this gang.

Pali and Tommy Shelby

Even though Kuljinder is the head of his family, Pali holds the reign of their business eventually. Tommy and Pali share many similarities, whether it is their tragic love life or them being cold-blooded criminals. But even though they are both hungry for power,  for them, family always comes first. Pali and Tommy continue to prove their love for family and relationships time and again in their respective series’.

Pali and Tommy’s tragic love story

Apart from sharing immense love for their family, both Pali and Tommy also have tragic love stories. In Tommy’s case, his first wife Grace is brutally shot dead right in front of Tommy’s eyes. In Pali’s case, Jahaan is married to his elder brother and there is an ongoing power struggle between the two. Both Pali and Tommy’s love story end with an incident that nobody could have imagined.

Jassi and John Shelby

John and Jassi both share similar traits to their elder brothers. They both are ready to give it their all to the family business and to expand it further. But in Jassi’s case, Pali and Kuljinder are not on good terms. Hence he is busy striking a balance between the two. But when tragedy hits Jassi, both Kuli and Pali grieve together. Hence Jassi can be considered as the thread that keeps the brothers together.

Jahaan and Grace Shelby

As mentioned earlier, Pali and Tommy both suffer when it comes to their love life. But as long as they are with their respective partners, they have a huge pillar of strength right by their side. For example, Jahaan is ready to give it all up when it comes to spending the rest of her life with Pali. In the same way, Grace falls hard for Tommy. So to be with him, she even quits her police job.


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