Hindus Forced To Convert To Islam In Pakistan

Many Hindus have turned to Islam is lieu of dignity in Pakistan.

A portion of the Hindu population living in Pakistan is seemingly being forced to convert to Islam seeing as the secondary treatment they are being meted out by the country. A video captured at an apparent conversion event apparently shows a Hindu man being gifted a skull cap and a pathani after he converted to Islam. The man in question said, “Hindus face several problems in Pakistan like not being allowed to go to some places and converting to Islam solves those problems.”

The Human Rights Council of Pakistan had reported in 2013 that cases of forced conversion in the country were seeing an upward bend. In the following year, a report by the Movement for Solidarity and Peace (MSP) said that about 1,000 women in Pakistan were being forcibly converted to Islam every year (700 Christian and 300 Hindu). In 2018, the annual Human Rights Commission of Pakistan had found that the province of the southern Sindh had over 1,000 forced conversions of Christian and Hindu girls that year.

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