Hathras Case: What Is PFI? Find Out Why It Is Trending Now

The Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested four people with links to the Popular Front of India and its affiliate in Mathura for conspiracy in Hathras case.

Let us tell you about the Popular Front of India. PFI is originally an organisation from Kerala, but now has made inroads in 23 states of the country. It started in 1993 as National Democratic Front (NDF) and in 2006 it was renamed as PFI. This organisation was formed in the name that it will fight those who harass Muslims. This organisation, formed in the name of Islam, has been preparing its fighters, and giving them arms training. The Uttar Pradesh Police had arrested four people having links with the Popular Front of India and its affiliate in Mathura.

Uttar Pradesh Police Additional Director-General (ADG) had claimed that there was a deep criminal conspiracy in the backdrop of Hathras incident to malign the state government and create social unrest. After every round of communal trouble or busting of a terror module in the country, usually, the name that crops up is that of the PFI. After the raging protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA, and the violence that followed, its name is now back on the intelligence radar.

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