Hathras Case: Accused And Victim’s Families Used To Call Each Other

Big disclosure has come to light through call details in the Hathras case – accused and victim’s family were in touch with each other through phone calls.

An exclusive news report published by Zee News claims that the Hathras victim’s brother was friends with the main accused Sandeep and used to talk with him on phone too. The call record details accessed by Zee News reportedly show that the main accused Sandeep was in regular contact with the victim’s family through a particular phone number. The police have now found that the number in question is registered in the name of victim’s brother. The details reveal that five hours of conversation took place between the two numbers during the period of October 2019 to March 2020.

While the records suggested that the victim’s brother was having talks with Sandeep, he has denied having conversations with the main accused in the Hathras case, as per the Zee News report. This gives rise to the question of if not the brother then who had conversations for more than five hours in six months duration. It is to be noted that several media reports have cited that the villagers in the Boolgarhi village where the strangulation incident occurred on September 14 had stated that the accused Sandeep and the deceased victim had an affair, which was opposed by both families.

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