Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 03 November 2020: Guddan and Agastya get married

In the latest episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan and Agastya get married to each other, and Agastya meets with an accident trying to save Guddan. Read further ahead to know what happened in this episode.

Pooja Dhar

November 2, 2020


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In the latest episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan is sitting on the mandap with a man whose face is covered with the sehra. Everyone assumes the man to be Mani and happily get the two married. After the marriage is completed, DJ asks the newly wed couple to go and take the blessings from Lord Krishna. Before taking his blessings, Guddan talks to her parents picture, that is hanged on the wall. She tells them that it is because of all the strength given to her by them, that she has been able to take such a big step. She says that she wants to be like her mother, strong and independent and promises them to make this marriage work anyhow.

Source: ZEETV
Source: ZEETV

At the mandap, everyone is waiting for Nia and Agastya. Nia comes and says that the lock of her door got jammed. Another man whose face is covered with the sehra comes there, and everyone assumes him to be Agastya. Just as their marriage is going on, Guddan and his husband (still under the sehra) come and start to take everyone’s blessings. While posing for a “family picture” Sona asks the man who got married to Guddan that “Mani, why aren’t you talking?”. Mani removes his sehra and says “let the marriage get completed first”. Just as Sona tries to look where the voice came from, she finds Mani sitting on the mandap with Nia. Everyone then gets to know that it was Agastya who got married to Guddan and not Mani. Rashi gets very happy to see Guddan, and runs towards her, hugs her, and calls her “maa”.

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Just as Mani tells the pandit that this was a mistake and that he should now get the correct pairs married to each other, the pandit says that Guddan and Agastya have gotten married with all rituals and this can’t be changed. Guddan starts to cry and asks Agastya about why he did this to her. Pushpa Birla comes in between and stops Guddan from talking in that tone with “her chiko”. In fact, Pushpa Birla starts to blame Guddan for everyone by saying that it was all her plan. Aarav and DJ ask Pushpa Birla to stop blaming Guddan as it was her who was on the mandap on time. Just as everyone gets into talking with each other, Guddan leaves from there.

Source: ZEETV
Source: ZEETV

Agastya comes outside and tries to talk to Guddan, who is crying loudly and walking on the road. Just as he tries to touch her, she pushes him away and says that he is a cheater. Agastya asks for one chance to explain himself but Guddan is in no mood to listen to anything. Just as Guddan is walking on the road, a car is coming from behind in full speed. Agastya pushes Guddan out of the way and comes in front of the car himself. Guddan shouts “Agastya”, looking at Agastya hurt very badly.

Source: ZEETV
Source: ZEETV

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