Gattimela 7 October 2021 Written Update: Parimala learns about Amulya’s kidnapping

When Adithi and Anjali return home, Parimala questions them about their and Amulya’s whereabouts and is left shocked when Dhruva reveals that Amulya has been kidnapped.


October 8, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Dhruva finds the person who has Amulya’s phone and learns about Amulya’s kidnapping. He calls Vikrant and tells him about the same and Vedanth is shocked when he overhears Vikrant and Dhruva’s conversation. Elsewhere, Amulya regains consciousness and curses the goons for kidnapping her.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Parimala wonders about her daughters and Manjunath’s whereabouts and gets worried when Adithi doesn’t answer her calls. She prays to God for her family’s wellbeing. She then talks about how she arranged money for Amulya’s wedding by selling one of her kidneys and prays that Amulya’s wedding rituals get completed without a glitch. She is left shocked when the lamps at the temple are suddenly extinguished, hinting towards an ill omen. Later, Parimala gets worried about Amulya’s wedding and starts crying.

Elsewhere, Vikrant tries to calm down Vedanth, who asks him to tell him that whatever he and Dhruva told him is just a prank as he still refuses to believe that Amulya is in danger. He talks about how he has been waiting for his wedding day and the surprises that he has planned for Amulya. He states that no matter what he will marry Amulya on that day. Suhasini and Aarati rush down when Vedanth starts raising his voice in anger. Suhasini and Aarati are shocked when Sarthak tells them that Amulya has been kidnapped.

Suhasini puts up an act of being concerned and offers her support to a worried Vedanth. Furthermore, Suhasini is shocked when Vedanth jerks away from her and expresses his frustration about how he cannot stay away from Amulya. Vaijayanti rebukes Suhasini for being unconcerned. Vikrant asks Sarthak to stay back while he and Vedanth go to meet Dhruva to search for Amulya.

Elsewhere, Amulya struggles with her binds and rebukes the goons for their actions and warns them that Vedanth will thrash them when he finds them. Amulya is kept captive in the same location where Vedanth’s mother is locked. Vedanth’s mother curses the goons for troubling Amulya, unaware that she is the girl set to marry her son Vedanth.

Vikrant and Vedanth meet up with Dhruva, Adithi and Anjali. They try to find any clues that they could find to locate Amulya. Vedanth starts to get emotional on thinking about all the time spent with Amulya. Vikrant and Adithi suggest lodging Amulya’s missing complaint. Vedanth apologises for getting emotional and making everyone nervous. He asks Dhruva to take Adithi and Anjali home, while he begins his search for Amulya.

Meanwhile, the goons start to get irritated by Amulya’s continuous ramblings. Vedanth’s mother tries to comfort Amulya and they talk about how they got stuck in their current predicament. When Vedanth returns home, Suhasini asks him for an update. Elsewhere, Parimala questions Adithi and Anjali about their and Amulya’s whereabouts when they return home. Later, Parimala is shocked when Dhruva reveals that Amulya has been kidnapped.

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