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Gattimela 6 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Vaijayanti sees Vaidehi


January 4, 2022

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At Vedanth’s New Year’s party, while enjoying Vedanth and Amulya’s dance on a romantic song, Vaijayanti is left shocked when she sees Vaidehi at the party.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, at the New Year’s party, Vikrant invites Vedanth and Amulya on the stage and talks about their recent wedding. At Kanta’s request, Vedanth and Amulya perform a dance on a romantic song. While enjoying the couple’s dance, Vaijayanti is left stunned when she sees Vaidehi at the party venue.

In the previous episode, we saw Suhasini search for Vaidehi in her house. A scared Vaidehi hid behind the couch where Vaijayanti was taking a nap. Before Suhasini could check behind the couch, Vaijayanti wakes up and questions Suhasini’s actions. Sridhar is shocked when he notices Vaidehi sneaking out of his house. Vaijayanti is surprised when Sridhar talks to her about the possibility of Vaidehi being alive.

At the New Year’s party, Suhasini praises the decorations. Vedanth surprises Suhasini when he reveals that Amulya was responsible for the decorations. When Suhasini praises Amulya, Vikrant and Dhruva are left surprised. Sridhar is shocked on seeing Vaidehi at Vedanth’s party. Vaidehi notices Sridhar and gets scared as she does not wish Suhasini to learn about her whereabouts. Before Sridhar could approach Vaidehi, she sneaks away from the room.

We also saw Vikrant insist on welcoming the New Year before the clock strikes midnight. Vedanth and Amulya decide to keep their differences aside and feed the cake to each other. On being questioned by Sarthak, Vedanth reveals that he is aware of Amulya putting up an act of being happy. Later, Vedanth is shocked when Sarthak informs him that Amulya argued with Suhasini as she misbehaved with Anjali and tried to hit her.

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