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Gattimela 5 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Will Suhasini catch Vaidehi?


January 3, 2022

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While a suspicious Suhasini searches for Vaidehi in her house, a scared Vaidehi hides from her behind a couch. Will Suhasini find Vaidehi and again keep her in captivity?

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini searches for Vaidehi in her house. Meanwhile, a scared Vaidehi hides behind the couch on which Vaijayanti is taking a nap. During her search, Suhasini heads to check behind the couch.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth get surprised on seeing Amulya occupying his chair in his cabin. Kanta informs Vedanth that he was the one who contacted Amulya to handle the arrangements for their office’s New Years’ party. Vikrant, Dhruva and Sarthak praise Amulya when she fulfils the responsibility with ease. When Amulya talks about how she positively influences people, Vedanth rebukes Vikrant in an indirect way to rebuke Amulya.

Elsewhere, Suhasini meets her goon who informs her about having Vaidehi in Suhasini’s village. Suhasini wonders if Vaidehi is in the same city as her and vows to locate and capture her at the earliest. Meanwhile, using the opportunity of Suhasini’s absence, Vaidehi sneaks into Vedanth’s house. On seeing the grandeur of the house, Vaidehi feels delighted about her children leading a happy life.

We also saw Vaidehi feel elated when she sees Adya and wonder if Adya will believe her if she tells her the truth about her being Adya’s birthmother. Furthermore, Vaidehi gets emotional when she comes across Vaijayanti who is taking a nap. On seeing an autorickshaw outside her house, Suhasini gets worried about Vaidehi’s presence and questions her watchman about any recent visitors. Before Vaidehi could wake up Vaijayanti from her nap, Suhasini enters her house, leaving Vaidehi scared.

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