Gattimela 28 September 2021 Written Update: Amulya and Adya conspire to crash Vedanth’s bachelor party

On learning about Vikrant and Kanta’s plan to sneak alcohol into Vedanth’s bachelor party, Amulya and Adya conspire to crash the party and teach the men a lesson.


September 28, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Suhasini gets furious when Vedanth asks her to not misbehave or talk rudely with Amulya’s parents. Suhasini and Vedanth are surprised when they learn about the amount spent on the saree purchased by Parimala for Suhasini. Later, Parimala is shocked when Suhasini talks about ways to pay for Amulya’s wedding.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Vedanth notices Vikrant, Dhruva, and Sarthak talking to each other in gestures. They are surprised when Vedanth refuses to be a part of a bachelor’s party. He reminds them about the blunder that took place during Vikrant’s bachelor’s party. Vikrant and Sarthak try to convince Vedanth for the party but he refuses to budge from his decision. Later, Vedanth agrees to the party when Vikrant reassures that he will not let Kanta create any problems and states that the party should not have alcohol.

Vikrant reassures Sarthak and Dhruva that he will get Kanta to spike the drinks at the bachelor’s party. Adya overhears this conversation and decides to foil Vikrant’s plan. Meanwhile, Amulya calls Vedanth and rebukes him, and asks him to be careful and not create any problems during the bachelor’s party. She reminds Vedanth about what had happened when he had gotten drunk in the past. Amulya demands that Vedanth cancel the party but he reassures her that he has ordered that Vikrant not bring alcohol to the party. He then promises Amulya that he won’t consume alcohol.

Adya tells Amulya about Vikrant and Sarthak’s plan, but she refuses to believe her. Sarthak mistakenly calls Adya and assuming it to be Kanta he starts talking about the party. He gets nervous when he realises that he had mistakenly called Adya and lies to her. Sarthak then calls Kanta who reassures him that the party will be a hit.

Suhasini gets irritated when her goons call her and tell her how the unknown woman is demanding to meet her children and is creating a ruckus about the same. Suhasini decides to visit this woman and teach her a lesson.

Kanta, Vikrant, Sarthak, and Dhruva plan the party, while Adya overhears their conversation. She hears them talk about how they are going to sneak alcohol into the party and decides to teach them a lesson. Adya talks to Aarati about Vikrant’s party plan and how they should crash the party. Adya asks Amulya and Adithi to meet her at the earliest. Later, the women plan how to foil Vedanth’s bachelor party.

At Amulya’s house, Parimala teases Manjunath about his habit of maintaining a book about wedding expenses. While searching for the book, Manjunath finds Parimala’s kidney donation medical report and is shocked.

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