Gattimela 21 October 2021 Written Update: Suhasini creates trouble for Parimala

Suhasini stops a few people from entering the wedding venue to help grind the turmeric and creates troubles for Parimala in an evil attempt to stop Amulya’s wedding.


October 21, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, while Amulya and Vedanth spend some quality moments together, Vikrant and Dhruva stand guard so that no one can disturb them. Dhruva and Vikrant are shocked when they learn that it was Suhasini who stopped a driver from sending a car to Amulya’s house, due to which they had to travel in an autorickshaw to the wedding venue.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Suhasini gets irritated when an employee of the resort tries to hand over the turmeric to her for Vedanth and Amulya’s ‘haldi’ ceremony. Suhasini notices Manjunath carrying a utensil and taunts him about the same. Parimala tries to tell Suhasini the use of the utensil, but Suhasini mocks them about their financial status. Vaijayanti arrives at the scene and taunts Suhasini when she continues to mock Amulya’s parents.

Parimala tells Suhasini how relationships don’t look at financial status. Manjunath tells Suhasini the importance of grinding the turmeric and its uses in weddings. Adya arrives at the scene and supports Parimala and her reasoning. Manjunath is surprised when Adya states that she has hired people to grind the turmeric for the ceremony.

Adya and Vikrant notice Vedanth sneezing and question him about his health. Adya gets confused when Vedanth and Vikrant talk in gestures when Vikrant talks about how people sneeze sometimes after an ice cream or getting drenched in rain. Vedanth is unable to stop thinking about the moments he spent with Amulya the previous night.

Elsewhere, Adithi helps Amulya gets ready for the ‘haldi’ ceremony. Adya and Vikrant arrive there and praise Amulya for her beauty. Adya questions Amulya when she catches her sneezing and gets confused when she gives the same reason as Vedanth. Amulya is surprised when Vikrant asks her if she will always support him after she marries Vedanth. When the people hired for grinding the turmeric don’t arrive, Parimala and the others get worried while Suhasini rejoices. Kanta arrives at the scene and reassures Parimala and Manjunath and talks about bringing turmeric powder from a shop.

Adya is surprised when Parimala talks about grinding the turmeric powder herself. Suhasini gloats about having created a situation where the sole responsibility of grinding the turmeric fell on Parimala. Meanwhile, Parimala begins the task, but suddenly experiences pain near her kidney but is delighted when Manjunath comes to her aid.

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