Gattimela 20 October 2021 Written Update: Vedanth and Amulya’s quality time

Late at night, a romantic Vedanth and Amulya spend quality time with each, wherein they enjoy ice cream and engage in a romantic dance when Amulya wishes to do so.


October 21, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya gets emotional when Vedanth arranges for a horse ride to give her the royal treatment, which she had always wished for. Later, Adya and Vikrant tease Vedanth when he stands guard outside Amulya’s door.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Amulya questions Vedanth when he arrives to meet her late at night. Vedanth then teases Amulya for being shy and states that he has kept Dhruva and Vikrant as guards so that he can spend quality time with her. Vedanth and Amulya then recall the day when Amulya had joined his company. He states that day was special to him and how they had decided to get Vikrant and Aarati married and how during their meeting they had refused to see each other. They then think about all the moments that they had spent together, their fights, and how all those things brought them close to each other and made them fall in love. They are unable to stop smiling when they recall the day they realised that they are in love with each other.

Meanwhile, Aarati gets scared when she notices a small injury on Vikrant’s head. Vikrant questions Aarati about the reason for her being scared and what she has been thinking rather than enjoying Amulya’s wedding. Aarati thinks about how Amulya is not a suitable pair for Vedanth and decides to stop their wedding and wonders if she should talk to Parimala about the same. Vikrant notices Dhruva thrashing a driver who then reveals that Suhasini had paid him to not send a car to pick up Amulya and her family for the wedding. Vikrant and Dhruva talk about keeping a tab on Suhasini, as she will try to create minor problems to stop Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding.

Vedanth talks to Amulya about how in the past he used to assign her difficult tasks in order to torture her, to which Amulya states that he was always the first person to save her when she was in danger. Vedanth engages in a romantic dance with Amulya when she expresses her wish to do so. Amulya is elated when Vedanth presents her with ice cream and they both start sneezing after consuming the same. Elsewhere, Sarthak gets confused when he comes across Aarati who states that whenever Vikrant is around Vedanth and Amulya, he falls into danger and that she should protect him. Aarati gets nervous and cities all the ill omens that have taken place so far when Sarthak asks her about the reason behind her strange behaviour. Sarthak asks Aarati to stand by Vikrant at Vedanth and Amulya’s wedding as that will make him happy.

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