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Gattimela 14 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Suhasini catches Vaidehi


January 12, 2022

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A worried Vaidehi reaches the hospital where an injured Vaijayanti is admitted and gets emotional on seeing her condition but is left shocked when Suhasini catches her.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Vaidehi goes to meet Vaijayanti at the hospital. She gets emotional on seeing an unconscious Vaijayanti. Later, Vaidehi is shocked when Suhasini catches her in Vaijayanti’s room.

In the previous episode, we saw Vedanth and Vikrant talk to the doctor about advanced treatment for Vaijayanti’s loss of sight. Vedanth gets emotional on seeing Vaijayanti’s condition. Later, Vikrant is shocked when the doctor reveals her suspicions about Vaijayanti’s injury not being due to falling off the stairs or by hitting a wall, but by being hit by a blunt object on her head.

Adya calls Vedanth and asks for an update about Vaijayanti’s health but is surprised when he suddenly disconnects the call. Amulya notices an emotional Vedanth and takes him out of Vaijayanti’s room. When Vedanth questions her actions, she tells him that she did not wish to upset Vaijayanti as she is already in an emotional state. Later, Amulya consoles an emotional Vedanth and tries to boost his morale.

We also saw Vikrant recall his discussion with Dhruva about how they believe Vaijayanti’s accident was a deliberate one. Suhasini gets worried when Vikrant starts questioning Vaijayanti about her accident. Vedanth arrives at the room and stops Vikrant from questioning Vaijayanti. Furthermore, Suhasini provokes Vedanth against Vikrant as she does not wish the truth about Vaidehi to be revealed. Later, when Vedanth and Vikrant start arguing, Vaijayanti stops them and asks them to not feel sorry for her.

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