Gattimela 13 October 2021 Written Update: Vedanth locates Amulya

Vedanth follows the clues left behind by Amulya and when he is starting to get emotional, he locates Amulya when she escapes from the goons’ clutches.


October 13, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, According to his and Vikrant’s plan, Dhruva keeps tabs on Suhasini and follows her around the house. Suhasini gets irked when due to Dhruva’s actions, she is unable to warn the goons. Later, Vedanth and Kanta reach the location where Amulya is being held captive.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Amulya, along with Vedanth’s mother escapes from the goons and hides, while the goons search for them. The goon curses for underestimating Amulya and letting her escape and worry about informing Suhasini about the same. Amulya tries to reassure Vedanth’s mother when she worries about getting caught by the goons once again.

Kanta shows Vedanth the bangle and the ring that he found, which reminds Vedanth of the day he got engaged to Amulya. Kanta suspects that Amulya must have fought back the goons, in which she ended up losing the bangle and the ring and they continue to search for her. When Vedanth starts to feel dejected, Vikrant arrives at the scene and tries to reassure him.

Amulya notices Vedanth on one side and the goons on the other and takes Vedanth’s mother and runs to hide. Vedanth’s mother trips and urges Amulya to run while she stops the goons from following Amulya. Vedanth and Vikrant are surprised when Amulya arrives and hugs Vedanth. Kanta tries to cheer up Vedanth and Amulya when they start to get emotional. Amulya tells Vedanth that she kept leaving her ornaments behind as clues so that Vedanth can reach her.

Vedanth and Vikrant are surprised when Amulya tells them that she had a woman with her, who is nowhere to be found. She tells them that the goons had kept her captive before they captured her. Amulya then asks Vedanth to help her rescue the woman as she has promised that she will help her escape. Later, Vikrant and Kanta search for the woman.

Suhasini is shocked and rebukes the goons when she learns that Amulya escaped from the goons’ clutches. Vedanth tries to reason with Amulya when Vikrant fails to search for the woman. Furthermore, Vikrant asks Amulya to concentrate on her upcoming wedding, but he is unable to stop thinking about the woman that Amulya spoke about. Kanta calls Adithi and informs her that they have located Amulya. Anjali and Parimala rejoice when Adithi informs them about the same.

Dhruva is elated when Kanta informs him that they have located Amulya. Vaijayanti and Sarthak rejoice when Dhruva informs them about the same. Suhasini pretends to be elated about Vedanth being reunited with Amulya, but Dhruva sees through her act and continues to doubt her. The next day, Amulya’s family gets ready to leave for Amulya’s wedding.

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